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October 29th, 2018 33 comments

Arachnids in the UK Attracts 6.43m Million Viewers

Arachnids in the UK attracted 6.43m million viewers. Slightly up on last weeks episode. Final figures should be available in a weeks time.


  • Anonymous

    November 1st, 2018 - 5:29pm

    Rosa deserves all the praise it’s getting. It was an excellent episode showing some of the best writing I’ve seen on TV this year.

  • Anonymous

    November 1st, 2018 - 5:14pm

    Yes Tom was popular, but the reason city of death gained such big figures was that there was literally nothing else on to watch. Only BBC 1 and 2. Itv suffered major strikes so the 17th season has inflated viewing figures.

  • The Moffat Paradox

    November 1st, 2018 - 3:55pm

    The first series of which,spearheaded by recently fired former CBS Chief Executive Les Moonves who is notoriously alleged not to have known the difference between it and Star Wars, was 100% pre-paid for by Netflix which is not bankrolling the second series and shown no interest in buying and showing the 15 minute Discovery shorts that have been put on CBS All Access prior to series 2

    A series they were so confident of they put it on internet subscription only unlike, a la distribution of Game Of Thrones, more conventional TV formats as with all previous Star Trek series before it. And despite fanfaring Discovery subscription growth in America for CBS All Access was DOWN in 2017 compared to 2016.

    And notice how in trailers they’re now trying to bring in some belated resemblance to the earlier series incarnations with changes in the Star Fleet uniforms, giving especially male Klingons beards/hair/more previous series like uniforms and having even D7 battle cruisers that look like ACTUAL original series D7’S unlike the Discovery Birds of Prey. Could that possibly be because, as might happen with Chibnall/Whitaker Who, their now concerned that this “prequel” to the original series which has about as much consistency with prime universe canon as a Steven Moffatt Who plot has been too alienating for those who aren’t casual and ephemeral viewers? The viewer backbone who needs more coaxing to subscribe or continue to?

    ( There’s also talk of winding this up if the CBS/Paramount rights are put back together instead of being separate and if the actual financial numbers don’t add up.)

    It’s also a moot point now if awards/reviews bear much relation to what the real public/wider fanbase actually thinks although credit were credits due for those who do good work on things like effects and the odd actor.