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September 26th, 2018 36 comments

The Woman Who Fell To Earth Sunday 7th Oct 6.45PM

We don’t get aliens in Sheffield. In a South Yorkshire city, Ryan Sinclair, Yasmin Khan and Graham O’Brien are about to have their lives changed forever, as a mysterious woman, unable to remember her own name, falls from the night sky.

Can they believe a word she says? And can she help solve the strange events taking place across the city?

Guest starring Sharon D Clarke, Johnny Dixon and Samuel Oatley. Written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Jamie Childs.


  • Paul

    October 8th, 2018 - 4:40pm

    i can understand most of the fans being split on how the show is now but please try to remember that the whole idea of change is central to the concept of Doctor Who, an alien life form travelling through time and space in a time machine stuck (alledgedly)in the form of a police box, this same life form is able to change physical appearance into either male or female form. am i missing something here?
    yes i understand there are those who dont like the idea or are unsure at the concept of the doctor now being female but how many others swapped genders? Master/missy, The Corsair, The general? i understand what people say about a man has been the centeral role for over 50 years BUT didnt it nearly happen in the 1980’s? would we be complaining now if that had happened?
    personally i do not see this killing the show off as some fear it will, lets just watch the episodes that are coming up and if we want to have a major whinge/ teddy throwing excercise or even go into full USA snowflake mode FINE go for it!.
    i still beileve this show will be here in 20 years from now despite some thinking thats BS (not on here i might add…yet), and i think we will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about. If a show does not change it stagnates and eventually gets pulled… is up to us as the fans to back it or LOSE IT!!

  • Joshua walker

    October 7th, 2018 - 8:46pm

    Can me have the monsters like the zobbe back

  • Joshua walker

    October 7th, 2018 - 8:36pm

    Bring back four parts and make one the old cancelled episode from the 1980s cris chipnal. Bring back philip hinchcliffe.

  • A nerd

    October 6th, 2018 - 6:55pm

    I mist add that Jodie Whitaker will, in my opinion, be a great addition tomthe timeline, especially with LGBT mentions in previous series (River Song to the 12th Doctor: You remind me of my secong wife!) that could be followed up in series 12.

    • Joshua walker

      October 7th, 2018 - 8:04pm

      Its why I think doctor well be cancelled by next year. I love you the and to see it in bad hand R.I.P doctor who.

  • Pats86

    September 28th, 2018 - 5:53pm

    After reading the reviews it appears to be well received for the most part, but critics often don’t see it as a viewer does.
    I’m glad it is positive, that gives me hope and it looks visually stunning at the very least.
    One thing that has been difficult to agree with is Jodie saying it is ridiculous that her gender should be an issue?
    Considering the fan base has been split I beg to differ. As you know I am not in agreement with the Doctor changing gender because for me personally it does not feel right, over 50 years of no such fluidity ever being mentioned (apart from Tom Baker saying it in an interview)
    Jodie may not feel it matters but to many fans it does and that should be taken into account, I find such statements wrong and disrespectful to fans like myself!
    Anyway I will be watching and hopefully I can be won over and I wish Jodie all the best. But she and the rest of the Doctor Who production staff should remember us fans who feel uncomfortable with the new set up.

    • The Moffat Paradox

      September 29th, 2018 - 2:42am

      Simply cannot feel the same frisson of hopeful expectation for a new series as when it had a male lead and potentially really alienated by a danger of it going really PC/SJW overboard although from what I’ve seen online and in trailer 2 there may be potential nonetheless.

    • Lorraine

      September 29th, 2018 - 6:25pm

      I also am not in favour of the gender change but if bbc pc diversity dictates it is about time then there are actresses out there who would have been more suitable. She seems too ordinary but I do wish her well for her career and the programme. I haven’t seen her in action and will be the first to praise if my concerns are wrong. It will be visually good as that has to be a given. However I don’t think they intend to expand upon the great wealth of Who history and perhaps these will be stories where origins and Canon are not important. And they are selling her figurine as a doll which says a lot. They may catch a new young audience but disenfranchise the old fan base or it might be brilliant. I feel a bit Sylvester McCoy as I stopped watching back then until it came back in 2005. Professor really? Friend really? I will be hiding behind the sofa on the 7th because i am a bit scared of what I might see. I wonder what Verity Lambert would say as she certainly broke through the glass ceiling in 1963.

    • The Moffat Paradox

      September 29th, 2018 - 9:44pm

      I intend to get the “Lie Of The Land” from reactions here first before taking a “Deep Breath” (puns intended) and committing to watching. I wouldn’t be surprised if Skaro’s finest make an appearance at some point in series 11 despite any assertions to the contrary.

  • Fiona Ting

    September 28th, 2018 - 9:20am

    I sure she will be good doctor who for this series

  • Doctor Stu

    September 27th, 2018 - 3:00pm

    This quote makes me so happy “straight drama, delivered by believable people who speak like believable people, It’s a grounded tone that is comparable to the Russell T Davies era, and comes in contrast to Steven Moffat’s penchant for hyper-real quippiness.”

    This is all I’ve been asking for from the show since Russel T Davies left, people who actually talk like real people, RTD did this perfectly.

    • Pats86

      September 28th, 2018 - 5:54pm


  • R1ch1e

    September 27th, 2018 - 7:03am

    The reviews mostly seem very good!

    • the ergon

      September 27th, 2018 - 11:54am

      Theres a mosty real positive vibe about this episode and most importantly towards jodie whittaker who seems to fit the role of the doctor with ease (Refreshing, Energetic) according to reviewers. I, m feeling an ‘Eleventh Hour’ comparison with regards to set up with whats been said.

    • Tim M

      September 27th, 2018 - 12:53pm

      The ‘spoiler’ free reviews sound promising, with an average review rating of 4/5. I hope it’s good, but it sounds like the new series doesn’t get off to a barnstorming start. I think really that’s how the new series should start. Get you gripped and excited right from the off.

  • Tim M

    September 26th, 2018 - 9:52pm

    I will have to watch this ground breaking opening episode on I-player after it’s shown. Another good reason for me to quit my current employment.

    • booboo

      September 27th, 2018 - 9:42am

      I’m actually away and will have to watch on a tiny TV

    • DoctorWhoFan

      September 27th, 2018 - 9:18pm

      Poor booboo. If your TV at home has iPlayer, you can watch it on the big screen when you get back.

    • booboo

      September 27th, 2018 - 9:36pm

      yes i have, and, to be honest i would rather be where i’m going to be and watch it on a small screen than not be where i’m going to be and watch it on a big screen.

    • Doctor You

      September 29th, 2018 - 2:15am

      I get to watch it in a cinema with a bunch of other hardcore who fans! Car wait! They are also showing a kind of ‘behind the scenes’ short before. Like they did with twice upon a time. Again I can’t wait, especially after hearing all the positive reviews.

  • Pats86

    September 26th, 2018 - 5:15pm

    Decent time for family viewing, the wait is almost over.
    Some of the comments on here are old ones, how come?

    • booboo

      September 26th, 2018 - 5:18pm

      its the original post updated with the time, not worth doing a new one just for that

    • Pats86

      September 26th, 2018 - 6:45pm

      Now it makes sense, thanks.

  • Jamie

    September 26th, 2018 - 3:12pm

    Good time.

  • Anonymous

    September 18th, 2018 - 5:39pm

    It’s also a reference to the bowie movie, the man who fell to earth

  • the ergon

    September 18th, 2018 - 9:54am

    Jodie on the Graham Norton show a week on Friday. when graham asks ‘Have you seen Doctor Who?’, I wonder if any of the american guests this time being Bradley cooper, Lady GaGa and Ryan gosling, sharing the sofa will feign actually never even knowing about it.

    • Perry

      September 26th, 2018 - 7:26pm

      Ryan Gosling hired Matt Smith to be in a film he made after seeing Matt as the Doctor giving a speech in Stonehenge.

      He knows what Doctor Who is for certain.

    • the ergon

      September 27th, 2018 - 12:17am

      I saw that film. it was produced and i think directed by Ryan Gosling. It was weird for sure with matt being a bit psycho weilding a baseball bat or a metal bar or something in some grafitti ridden deserted town.
      i think he,ll have a bit of a rapport with Jodie and a bit of a double space theme as he is on to promote’ first man’, The Neil Armstrong film.

    • Anonymous

      September 28th, 2018 - 1:02pm

      Well Mat could very well be swinging a Light Sabre December next year, definetly would prefer that to a Baseball Bat. Mat Smith would make a great Jedi.

    • Mick C

      September 28th, 2018 - 1:04pm

      Mat Smith could be swinging a Light Sabre next year, definetly preferable than a Baseball Bat

    • the ergon

      September 29th, 2018 - 1:14am

      Lost river. Thats the title. Could be good in star wars, if he gets a sizeable part. He was wasted in that last Terminator film even if he was the best thing about it. Sorry arnie.

  • Anonymous

    September 18th, 2018 - 8:48am

    The synopsis clearly indicates she has no idea who she is so the title is quite fitting in that case.

  • the ergon

    September 18th, 2018 - 7:51am

    i wonder how much of sheffield we get to see other than Park Hill,, if they filmed in city centre will have had to cover some very early morning shoots. I missed out on the filming. There were rumours of their return for secret filming but where they mentioned i toured the full area to no avail.

    • the ergon

      September 18th, 2018 - 8:42am

      There are a few clues thrown out as random words as to whats on its way on the facebook page.

  • DalekAgent

    September 18th, 2018 - 7:04am

    “Any moment now.. shes a-comin”

    • Anonymous

      September 27th, 2018 - 9:20pm

      Good Reference To Eleven’s Regeneration

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