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July 26th, 2012 73 comments

Mary Tamm ( Romana ) 1950 – 2012

Mary Tamm ( Romana ) 1950 – 2012

Doctor Who star Mary Tamm, who played companion Romana alongside Tom Baker, has died aged 62. She stared in the 1978 story arc Doctor Who:The Key to Time.

Stories include The Ribos Operation, The Pirate Planet, The Stones of Blood, The Androids of Tara, The Power of Kroll, and The Armageddon Factor.

Mary Tamm returned to the roll in the Big Finish production Gallifrey and other titles. She is also in the cast list for several upcoming 4th Doctor stories.

Married to Marcus Ringrose, she has one daughter. Her autobiography, First Generation was published in September 2009 by Fantom Films. Mary Tamm was born in Dewsbury, West Riding of Yorkshire,


  • Christine

    July 26th, 2012 - 4:32pm

    Rest in Peace Mary. Sincere Condolences to family and friends.

    Wat a bad two years it has been for those who were part of Classic Dr. Who. Too many friends lost too early.

  • Jason doctorwhoone

    July 26th, 2012 - 3:43pm

    another Doctor Who actress is taking away from us from the devil of all humanity that we call Cancer.

    Rest in peace Mary xx πŸ™


  • Liam

    July 26th, 2012 - 3:30pm

    Rest in peace. πŸ™ She was a great companion.

  • Ryan

    July 26th, 2012 - 3:04pm

    More childhood memories flooding away… RIP Mary, I’m sure we can safely say that we will always remember you, and Romana…

  • gallopingdalek

    July 26th, 2012 - 2:47pm

    I wish her my good thoughts about her part in doctor who

  • the 13th Doctor

    July 26th, 2012 - 1:10pm

    My thoughts are with the familly. may she rest in piece. she was an amazing Romana and actress. we hae lost so many amazing people this year. God bless their souls. Gone, but neer forgoten

  • The 14th Doctor

    July 26th, 2012 - 12:44pm

    It’s so sad, the old DW stars are dying so quickly now. That’s five in two years I beleive? Nick Courtney, Liz Sladen, Phillip Madoc, Caroline John and now Mary Tamm. All of cancer!

  • crazy guy

    July 26th, 2012 - 12:31pm


    • Jason doctorwhoone

      July 26th, 2012 - 3:40pm

      What can I say, Cancers a bitch, it can take a loved one or two in the blink of an eye just like that.

    • Dalek Sec

      July 27th, 2012 - 8:56am

      Sometimes it can take years of suffering to take the life of a person. Making them feel as if their living with a death sentence that randomly kills them when it can. Its tragic to think the bastard disease was merely some rogue cells that spread and grows faster then anything else in the body.

    • Anon

      July 27th, 2012 - 1:06pm

      If cancer was a physical being, all I could say is that every man, woman, and child would not hesitate bringing out their shotgun to bring it down.

  • Anon

    July 26th, 2012 - 12:22pm


  • Jonathan

    July 26th, 2012 - 12:09pm

    Not Romana as well why are all the good companions going so soon please don’t let anything happen to Katy Manning


    July 26th, 2012 - 12:06pm

    Another great Classic Companion lost to cancer. RIP Mary Tamm.

  • CG

    July 26th, 2012 - 11:58am

    RIP : (

  • Alex The Geek

    July 26th, 2012 - 11:40am

    RIP Mary Tamn. The woman who was a match for Tom Baker.

  • Anonymous

    July 26th, 2012 - 11:39am


  • the astronaut of death

    July 26th, 2012 - 11:38am

    all doctor who fans will miss you


  • heather

    July 26th, 2012 - 11:34am

    I think we should all dress up as romana at our respective local comic cons.

  • Doc3Pertwee

    July 26th, 2012 - 10:58am

    Extremely sad, I wrote to her and received a swift response, she was always my favourite Romana. RIP Mary πŸ™

  • Anonymous

    July 26th, 2012 - 10:55am

    We shall miss you “Fred”.

  • duckter who

    July 26th, 2012 - 10:34am

    y are all the awsome people dieing?! πŸ™

    • Dalekdan12345

      July 26th, 2012 - 11:18am

      its life, its unfortunate but its true :'(

    • Jason doctorwhoone

      July 26th, 2012 - 3:41pm

      Everyone eventually dies, even the awesome people.

  • The Time Lord of Doom

    July 26th, 2012 - 10:23am

    Even though I’ve not seen any episodes of her, RIP Mary Tamm. You will be sadly missed by everyone! πŸ™


    July 26th, 2012 - 10:22am

    Another fine lady gone far to soon.

  • cyberking3

    July 26th, 2012 - 10:21am

    R.I.P I hope no one else dies for a long time because we have had 3 this year already πŸ™

    • Adam

      July 26th, 2012 - 10:44am

      3? I thought there was 2 (Liz Shaw and Romana

    • Adam

      July 26th, 2012 - 10:50am

      ooops my mistake there was also dennis chinnery

    • crazy guy

      July 26th, 2012 - 12:30pm

      and Elisabeth sladen

    • Doctor Who DVD Collector

      July 26th, 2012 - 9:55pm

      Elizibeth Sladen died last year! But still, very sad!!!

    • Anonymous

      July 26th, 2012 - 10:19pm

      Elisabeth died 19 may 2011

    • Handbot Scott

      July 27th, 2012 - 11:08am

      Elisabeth Sladen died 19th April 2011

  • Sugardoc

    July 26th, 2012 - 10:03am

    Rip romana you will forever be loved and missed

  • Gordon

    July 26th, 2012 - 9:46am

    What a classy woman. RIP

  • Dalek Sec

    July 26th, 2012 - 9:37am

    This is feeling really nostalgic having a lot of classic series companions dying. I was hoping it wasn’t cancer, why is it always cancer!
    RIP Mary Tamm πŸ™

    • Esterath

      July 26th, 2012 - 9:53am

      Afraid it was cancer. >-(

  • doctor who 19

    July 26th, 2012 - 9:33am

    we will all ways rember her

  • Give me a Dalek any day

    July 26th, 2012 - 9:26am

    Incredibly shocked to hear this. R.I.P Mary Tamm. Another sad loss to the world of Doctor Who. πŸ™

  • Alex

    July 26th, 2012 - 9:24am

    R.I.P Mary Tamm!

    How many more must we lose, especially to that evil illness?! πŸ™

  • Doctor Who DVD Collector

    July 26th, 2012 - 9:15am

    another one? This is to much!!!
    R.I.P Mary “Romana” Tamm.

  • Esterath

    July 26th, 2012 - 9:12am

    This is getting out of hand. Too many deaths. I can’t bear it.

    • Victini2012

      July 26th, 2012 - 11:05am

      Same. 5 in the last two years, it’s just not fair

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