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February 20th, 2013 70 comments

Gallifrey One 2013 Steven Moffat interview

Gallifrey One 2013 – Steven Moffat interview

Interview with Steven Moffat, conducted exclusively for the Gallifrey 2013 convention in Los Angeles, where it was screened on Sunday 17 February….


  • John Smith

    February 22nd, 2013 - 10:44am

    I don’t want to see River’s gravestone! As much as I hate to say it… Time CAN and probably WILL be RE-WRITTEN.

  • John Smith

    February 22nd, 2013 - 10:42am

    Benedict Cumberbatch?! Ahhhh, I don’t know. I think that I’m happy with him as the face of Sherlock and whoever he’s going to play in the New Star Trek Movie.

  • John Smith

    February 22nd, 2013 - 10:40am

    Yeah. Antony Ainley was my favourite Master, probably cos he was the one I remembered the clearest during my early child-hood. John Simm is alright but I would like to see him back for a third and final time.

  • Anonymous

    February 22nd, 2013 - 9:33am

    I feel that the new series of doctor who is to comedic and americanized. Its not scary any more and the companions are so pompus and full of them selvs. I want doctor who to return to the days of violance and horror like in the classic series


    February 22nd, 2013 - 8:08am

    Cheers Dalek the Supreme, finally someone who agrees with me !! 😀

    John Simm’s Master was awesome, but now the Master is deceased forever and has redeemed himself for the evil man he became because of Rassilon, his now resting in peace, and god I wish fan’s would leave him too.

    Davros may as well be viewed as the arch-nemesis of the Doctor now.


    February 22nd, 2013 - 8:05am

    Truth is BooBoo, some people just can’t keep things to themselves, it’s called gossiping, and gossip is a word I hate a lot, it does nothing but bad, especially in relationships.


    February 22nd, 2013 - 8:04am

    I do like the Master, but I don’t see why fan’s keep wanting him back when they know all about his backstory now to why he became evil, the man was a victim since the age of 8, and now that he had redeemed himself, his now resting in peace, so why can’t fan’s just leave him alone ?.

    It’s Cumberbatch I can’t stand, just looking at him irritates me, and what kind of surname is Cumberbatch anyway ? something that rhymes with Cucumber –

    Benedict Cucumberbatch !!:P


    February 22nd, 2013 - 8:01am

    Their both good 😛

  • Anonymous

    February 21st, 2013 - 11:02pm

    John simm is the worst master. He’s to goofy and jokey. Antony Ainley IS the best master

  • Anonymous

    February 21st, 2013 - 10:56pm

    The master should return I mean who else could make a better arch nemesis( other than davros). The john simm master was not very good

  • thedaleksdeath

    February 21st, 2013 - 10:28pm

    Benedict Cumerbatch is the guy who plays Sherlock Homes but Steaven Moffet

  • DalekTheSupreme

    February 21st, 2013 - 10:28pm

    As for the Ice Warriors, I kinda liked them, and I think they could be incredibly creepy with a larger range of movement, but I’m mostly just happy they’re bringing back another Classic monster.

  • DalekTheSupreme

    February 21st, 2013 - 10:26pm

    John Smith, if that happened, I would travel to Great Britain just to give Steven Moffat a big hug. Provided the specials were well written of course. If not, I would go there and kill him. Not really, but you catch my meaning 😉

  • thedaleksdeath

    February 21st, 2013 - 10:26pm

    I think his on about Benadiced Cumberbatch not the actual Master

  • DalekTheSupreme

    February 21st, 2013 - 10:24pm

    I agree with DOCTOR WHO ONE (Not about Benedict Cumberbatch, because I don’t know who he is), the Master should stay dead. The End of Time gave him a good send-off. The Master is dead, and he should stay dead.

  • Anonymous

    February 21st, 2013 - 9:11pm

    Why do you hate the master so much I mean did he bite you or something. Plus in my opinion Antoney Anley is better than john simm


    February 21st, 2013 - 8:15pm

    No thanks, I can’t stand him. I’m avoiding the upcoming Star Trek film ‘Into Darkness’ just cos of that guy . . .. . well, him and the fact that it looks boring, I’d rather watch the Wrath of Khan or First Contact anyday.


    February 21st, 2013 - 8:14pm

    No, he should remain dead, theres no need to bring him back, we know why he became the Master, he was a victim all along, and now that victim has been laid to rest.

    And as for that Benedict Cumberbatch – no thanks, I can’t stand him.

  • Anonymous

    February 21st, 2013 - 6:51pm

    If the master does return I hope he is played by Benadiced comberbach and I he is more like the Antoniy Anley master but without the short beard

  • Anonymous

    February 21st, 2013 - 6:49pm

    But I like the master he’s a cool villian. I mean yes he’s not like the joker or lex luthor but he is the perfect match for the doctor. Personaly I think that if he does return than he should be played by benadiced comberbach. PS sorry about spelling

  • booboo

    February 21st, 2013 - 6:12pm

    and spoil things for people who dont want to know by spreading it around everywhere which people just post without a thought for others

    Does anyone ever think that some people might not want to know this stuff and just enjoy the episode

  • crazy guy

    February 21st, 2013 - 6:08pm

    i know that it is a rumor but i belive this as the website it was on normally get their facts right and they do watch the filming of doctor who when they can

  • the astronaut of death

    February 21st, 2013 - 3:52pm

    i hope the finali dose not show us the last of river song remember waht she said when she last saw him a new jacket or hair cut a river has not seen his new look yet


    February 21st, 2013 - 3:09pm

    I thought the Eye of Harmony [or rather the Tardis’ link to the Eye of Harmony back on Gallifrey] would no longer be inside the Tardis.

    Cos considering that the Eye of Harmony itself no longer exists since Gallifrey is destroyed, and the Tardis’ link to the Eye of Harmony seen in the TV Movie surely no longer exists either, then the only way for the Doctor to now refuel the Tardis herself is that rift in Cardiff as seen in Series 1 [Boomtown] and Series 3 [Utopia].

    But since you just mentioned that this is a rumour, it may not be the Eye of Harmony in the Tardis.

    As for River’s Gravestone, I doubt it, cos since her body burnt up when she sacrificed herself inside the Library, there would be no body to bury, so a Gravestone would be a bit pointless, since she’s ment to live on in that virtual world.

  • crazy guy

    February 21st, 2013 - 10:59am

    i just read some rumors that kind of tie in with ones we have hear before that the eye of harmony is seen in journey to the center of the tardis and in the finale we see river songs gravestone and there was some more but i don’t want to spoil it too much


    February 21st, 2013 - 8:57am

    As for the Ice Warriors, yeah I agree, they are rubbish. I must be the only fan who doesn’t want them to return. They don’t look like Warriors in the slightest, and they sound so boring they sound as if they’ve smoked far too many bad Cigarettes.


    February 21st, 2013 - 8:55am

    Personally, I wish fan’s would just get over the Master already. His dead now, and we all know his backstory on why he became evil, ALL because of Rassilon, it was Rassilon who turned in an innocent 8 year old boy into a heartless Psychopath as part of a plan to return Gallifrey and the Time Lords to the Universe out of that Time Lock, and the Master offcourse re-deemed himself, he turned good again, he saved his old friend-turned-enemy-turned-friend the Doctor, and then fired blasts of energy at Rassilon, sending himself, Rassilon and the other Time Lords and Gallifrey back into hell and died with them as a good man who redeemed himself, so he had a happy ending, so I wish fan’s would let him rest in peace [R.I.P. Kochei/The Master 1971-2010].

  • John Smith

    February 21st, 2013 - 8:28am

    YAY! I seriously hope that Steven does a 90 minute one or multiple specials leading up to one big finale on the 23rd.

  • Eamon UltimateCliffhanger

    February 21st, 2013 - 4:14am

    ‘Don’t believe the nonsense of the 60-minute film, that’s complete nonsense’ GREAT, you have no idea how happy i am to hear that! Thank you Moffat thank you

  • doctorwholew

    February 20th, 2013 - 8:25pm

    LOL “the big bang”

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