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November 3rd, 2016 13 comments

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Exclusive first look at Christmas Special on Children in Need

Exclusive first look at the Doctor Who Christmas special will feature on BBC Children in Need Appeal Show.

BBC Children in Need will screen an exclusive Doctor Who clip on the charity’s annual Appeal night, Friday 18 November.

The sneak peak will see the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi and Nardole, played by Matt Lucas, team up with an investigative reporter played by Charity Wakefield and a masked vigilante played by Justin Chatwin to defend New York from a terrifying alien invasion before the full episode, The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

Written by Steven Moffat, they will be joined by Adetomiwa Edun, Aleksandar Jovanovic and Logan Hoffman.

The programme is Executive Produced by Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin, Produced by Peter Bennett and Directed by Ed Bazalgette (Poldark). It was shot in Cardiff at BBC Wales Roath Lock Studios.

The exclusive clip will form part of BBC Children in Need’s Appeal Show on Friday 18 November, 7pm, BBC One.



  • R

    November 19th, 2016 - 11:33am

    Will it be screened on the big screen here too like in the US?

  • Anonymous

    November 18th, 2016 - 8:31pm

    The clip on CIN was pretty awful. Last years Christmas special I LOVED. It was a real fun romp, and it felt a bit like a RTD ep. But this years looks pants, especially from the clip.

  • Oh No Not the Adipose

    November 18th, 2016 - 8:19pm

    It looks…awful

  • Tim M

    November 17th, 2016 - 9:06am

    So Rona Munro (Survival) is returning to write an episode for series 10. I would like to see Ben Aaronovitch(Remembrance of the Daleks) and Marc Platt (Ghost Light) return.

  • Tim M

    November 15th, 2016 - 11:00pm

    I feel it’s make or break time with Chris Chibnall as Show runner. It’s succeed or fail. There’s a rumour that the BBC want Mr Chibnall to start with a new Doctor and a clean slate with series 11. Doctor Who could well be on borrowed time now. It’s had a long run since 2005, and I think with Chibnall it’s the last throw of the dice to breathe fresh ideas and properly reinvigorate the show, at least for it’s long term future…if it has one.

  • Tim M

    November 15th, 2016 - 10:12pm

    Steven Moffat is a great writer, but not an ideal Showrunner. Indeed, Moffat’s best scripts have been when he wasn’t showrunner and RTD was. That is why I would still like Moffat to write scripts for Chris Chibnall as showrunner. As I’m sure we would see better scripts from him. As they wouldn’t be too convoluted, and wouldn’t be interwoven throughout an entire season.

  • jason buckby

    November 13th, 2016 - 8:01pm

    i am concerned the series is turning into season 24 i love super heroes etc but that and dr who do not go and dont get me tarted on matt lucas

  • pats86

    November 13th, 2016 - 4:46pm

    I have sadly lost faith in this once great British institution. And it’s Moffat’s fault.

  • Regeneration

    November 7th, 2016 - 4:24pm

    I feel Moffat is more focused on Sherlock to be honest. I can understand how it can be difficult to be doing two shows at the same time, however, the stories for some of the 12th Doctor have either ended up causing viewers to turn over channels or not been at all suitable for younger viewers.

    Moffat has had some great episodes such as The Empty Child, Blink and an emotional The Girl in the Fireplace, but on the other hand, the recent writing and such has been messy.

    Im not going to say that every single RTD script was enjoyable, far from it, but a lot of standards have slipped. You only have to look at Dark Water and Death in Heaven to see that. In my opinion, extremely disrespectful and upsetting for those who had lost loved ones at the time.

    Then with Clara, i did like her as a character, but it was like Moffat was making her over step the Doctor.

    Xmas 2015 saw 12 meet River, who happened to have the War Doctors picture, yet no one had known he existed till the 50th anniversary special. Now nearly a whole year after, 12 meetsa superhero. So its like Doctor Who meets the Marvel Universe.

    Honestly, Moffat needs to step down now and let Chris Chibnall take over and do series 10.

  • Anonymous

    November 4th, 2016 - 3:57pm

    There are many true fans who love the show that was originally created who share your views. Not just the fans who think that everything in Doctor Who that has happened in the past six years is perfect. You are not alone.

    By the way, Steven Moffat is not a Doctor Who fan, as he seems to have lost the plot a bit. He had two good ideas. The Girl in the Fireplace and Blink. At least with JNT & RTD it still felt a bit like Doctor Who should feel.

    These are my opinions.

  • Savethecoffeeboysavetheworld

    November 3rd, 2016 - 9:37pm

    I prefer the trailers and clips…

  • Anonymous

    November 3rd, 2016 - 7:57pm

    I completely agree with what you’ve said there, apart from I’ve never took to the twelfth doctor, so think it was a bit of a let down all along. Wonder how many other fan share your views.

  • WouldYouLikeAJellyBaby?

    November 3rd, 2016 - 12:50pm

    I probably won’t bother tuning in to be honest as I’m not very excited about this year’s special and I don’t have a lot of faith left in Steven Moffat after what happened with Hell Bent last year and I really didn’t like The Husbands of River Song. I still don’t see the point in bringing back Matt Lucas’ Nardole as I didn’t find him funny and I don’t think he has any defining trait that makes it necessary to bring him back. Also I wish we were getting a Children in Need sketch instead as we haven’t had one of them for a good few years, ever since 2012 the BBC have just showed either a trailer or a clip from the special. I hope Moffat can pull off Series 10 otherwise he will be leaving next year with a bad reputation and I hope the Twelfth Doctor’s personality is more similar to how he was in Series 8 as I preferred how he behaved then to how he did in Series 9.

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