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Radio Times Unveils The New Tardis

The new issue of Radio Times is out Today and gives an exclusive glimpse into the new Tardis, in a special pull-out gatefold cover…

20 29 Mar 2010

Doctor Who takes The Tardis Tour

Doctor Who takes Tardis to Belfast, Inverness, Salford, Sunderland and Northampton – Tour Bus images with information on news articles and interviews…

23 29 Mar 2010

Opening Scene of The Eleventh Hour

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday, 3 April but the good news is you can see the beginning of the first episode right here now…

25 27 Mar 2010

Jonathan Ross Show Extended Trailer

Matt Smith appeared on the Friday Night Jonathan Ross show which saw an extended series 5 trailer and exclusive clip from episode six…

27 26 Mar 2010

Series 5 UK/American Trailers

A Brand new series 5 Trailer showing Daleks spitfires and cybermen has appeared online with different UK and American versions…

79 19 Mar 2010

Doctor Who Press Round-Up

Round-up of news, reviews and new promotional pictures after the press screening of Doctor Who series 5 The Eleventh Hour…

4 19 Mar 2010

Steven Moffat BBC Interviews

Steven Moffat appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about the up-coming series of Doctor Who. He also hesitantly confirmed the air date of Saturday 3rd April…

3 19 Mar 2010