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The New Series Prequel Is Coming…

There’ll be more action very soon as we’re be launching the Prequel to the series’ opening two-parter imminently. It’s an eerie sequence written by Steven Moffat

5 21 Mar 2011

Doctor Who Cornwall Filming (spoilers)

Doctor Who Cornwall filming: Its no particular secret that Doctor Who filming has been taking place in Charlestown, Cornwall. Big crowds gathered…

17 5 Feb 2011

David Walliams talks about Doctor Who

David lets us into a little secret as he reveals that he has been offered a role in Doctor Who – as an alien – but that’s all he is telling us!…

9 4 Feb 2011

The Master – 40 years old this year

It was 40 years ago that The Master first appeared on our TV screens in the form of Roger Delgado. Several actors took on the role over the years…

22 2 Jan 2011