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January 14th, 2015 42 comments

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Doctor Who Filming News – Two Part Story For Series 9

From the official site…

Filming has begun in Cardiff for series 9 of Doctor Who and includes a star-studded guest cast. The new series will be back on BBC One in Autumn 2015.

The episodes currently being filmed are written by Toby Whithouse (The Game, Being Human), produced by Derek Ritchie and directed by Daniel O’Hara (Silent Witness 2015, The Game, Being Human).

Steven Moffat, lead writer and Executive Producer, said, “An amazing guest cast for a brilliantly creepy two-parter by Toby Whithouse. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are back in Cardiff, back in the box, and back in action – for one of our scariest adventures yet!”

On set filming for the new series, Peter Capaldi added, “The adventures begin again for myself and Jenna and I’m delighted to be back filming my second series of Doctor Who.”

Paul Kaye who played Thoros of Myr in the third series of Game of Thrones joins the Doctor Who cast for the two-part episode. A comedian and actor, Paul is also well-known for being the voice of Vincent the fox on the puppet-based BBC comedy Mongrels.

Commenting on his role, Paul Kaye, said, “As a kid of the 1970s, the two shows you always watched were Top of the Pops and Doctor Who, they were unmissable. I actually wrote a song called ‘Looking for Davros’ in my first punk band and I sang it like a demented Dalek. I got to present TOTP back in the mid ‘90’s and landing this role in Doctor Who completes the dream double.

“Peter is a perfect Doctor and I’m loving every minute of the experience, even the five hours in make-up. What a treat, best 50th birthday present ever!”

Also starring in the episodes will be Morven Christie who recently played the role of Amanda in the crime drama Grantchester and featured in Death in Paradise (2014) and Twenty Twelve.

Arsher Ali who played the part of Malik Suri in the critically acclaimed The Missing (BBC One) takes up a role in the guest cast alongside Colin McFarlane who appeared in EastEnders as part of the Who Killed Lucy Beale? storyline.

Recognised for her theatre and TV performances, actress Sophie Stone appears in the show for the first time. Sophie was the lead actress in the play Woman of Flowers and has appeared in Midsummer Murders and Casualty.

Also joining Peter Capaldi (the Doctor) and Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) and confirmed for roles in the double episode are Zaqi Ismail, Steven Robertson and Neil Fingleton.

Further guest cast for series 9 will be released over the coming months. Doctor Who is a BBC Cymru Wales production for BBC One.



  • The Legend Doctor

    April 27th, 2015 - 1:23am

    2 parter that combines all plot holes into one thing? :O

  • Cousins2019

    February 2nd, 2015 - 11:46am

    I hope they are 13 episode’s in this series this year not like series 8 when there was 12 and hopefully we will have 3 two part’s

  • calli

    January 20th, 2015 - 6:51pm

    I’m looking forward to the second part of the season but I love to see K9 with Capaldi in an earth shattering episode.He has been gone too long the faithful hound.They would really work well together.

    • yognot

      January 21st, 2015 - 2:31pm

      If K9 does come back (which I really hope he does ! 😀 ) then how will he get up the stairs to the console? Right after the doors are stairs to the console and K9 can’t fly… Really hope he comes back!

    • Anonymous

      January 22nd, 2015 - 9:39am

      K-9 does have a hover mode, we’ve just never seen it in use (at least in any authorised production).

    • yognot

      January 22nd, 2015 - 2:39pm

      Oh yeah. What happened to that spin-off? Was it canceled?

  • Guy The Zygon

    January 20th, 2015 - 10:55am

    Creepiest (New Series) must be Impossible Planet/Satan Pit: “To-byyyyyy……To-byyyyy…..” Classic Series: Planet of Evil or Seeds of Doom (most of Season 13 was pretty terror-inducing)

  • Dalek Supreme

    January 18th, 2015 - 11:18am

    It’s a two parter! Don’t care, it’s a two parter!

    *begins to dance furiously*

  • T4RD1S

    January 14th, 2015 - 8:09pm

    Awesome!! A two parter episode and a scary story!! 🙂 P.S. whats ur favourite scary dw episode? Mine is the empty child/the doctor dances

    • yognot

      January 15th, 2015 - 2:46pm

      For me it’s either Blink or The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. I can’t really decide. Listen scares me if I think about being alone. Last Christmas has made me be more cautious about sleeping, I found the Dream Crabs scary. I hope that these have either a returning Classic series monster that hasn’t appeared in the New series or a brand new one.

    • TheExtremeBlueTARDIS

      January 15th, 2015 - 4:32pm

      The Waters of Mars, no doubt about it.

    • CJ

      January 15th, 2015 - 4:43pm

      I say Blink

    • yognot

      January 15th, 2015 - 5:27pm

      Oh Waters of Mars. The only episode I turned off the second the showed the monster. That was scary.

    • Anonymous

      January 15th, 2015 - 6:59pm


    • T4RD1S

      January 18th, 2015 - 12:37am

      The waters of Mars was pretty scary but I watched the empty child/the doctor dances when I got Netflix, I was alone at night and I got freaked out. Blink would have 2 be second. It was pretty scary. Shame that Moffat ruined them in S5.

    • The Surgeon

      January 18th, 2015 - 11:11am

      I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s Silence in the Library! That episode ripped me apart.

    • TheExtremeBlueTARDIS

      January 18th, 2015 - 11:29am

      I can watch The Waters of Mars now, but back when it aired I was 9 and it terrified me. I was afraid to drink water that day. 😆

    • Cousins2019

      February 2nd, 2015 - 11:47am

      Mine is blink, The empty child and the doctor dances and also Waters of mars 😀

  • The Fez Master

    January 14th, 2015 - 7:10pm

    Brilliant news!

  • CJ

    January 14th, 2015 - 6:13pm

    This two parter is episode 3 & 4 by the way

  • the astronaut of death

    January 14th, 2015 - 5:22pm

    Everyone remember to vote for doctor who on the national television awards website.


      January 14th, 2015 - 6:02pm

      Thanks for remind me 🙂

  • Dalek Smith

    January 14th, 2015 - 4:41pm

    As good as it is to see a non-finale two parter, I’m so happy to see Toby Whithouse back, hoping to see a Jamie Mathieson return as well

  • Anonymous

    January 14th, 2015 - 4:06pm

    Can’t wait!!

  • anon

    January 14th, 2015 - 3:57pm

    If moffat is writing this two parter, its guaranteed not to make any sense whatsoever and will probably cause even more plot holes that are not necessary. If another writer is doing it, we may be in for the 1st decent episode in a very long time.

    And (very) hopefully, either capaldi gets better as the doctor, or the doctor regenerates in to someone who can actually act!

    • Anonymous

      January 14th, 2015 - 4:05pm

      Ha ha…I thought you were being serious for a minute.

    • Anonymous

      January 14th, 2015 - 4:21pm

      Peter Capaldi is brilliant as the doctor it is the writing that makes him come across as a bad one

    • PedroPete

      January 14th, 2015 - 4:37pm

      Have to agree about the writing – although series 8 has been much better than 5,6,7 put together – that must just be the Capaldi!

    • Anonymous

      January 14th, 2015 - 4:59pm

      It’s by Toby whithouse

    • Anonymous

      January 14th, 2015 - 4:59pm

      The writing is adapted to the actor and the actor breaths life into the writing…I think both have been fantastic.

    • Anonymous

      January 22nd, 2015 - 9:41am

      The writing isn’t adapted to the actor, or at the very least Steven Moffat doesn’t change his writing between actors. He always writes for “The Doctor” and lets the actors do the work. For example, go and watch The Night of the Doctor, and imagine that it isn’t Paul McGann in that scene, it could probably fit any of the other Doctors just as well, but it is the actor who makes the difference.

  • The Surgeon

    January 14th, 2015 - 3:57pm

    Hmm… Moffat said that this series would be the exact same format as series 8, so that would mean this is the finale… but it’s written by Toby Whithouse, and I thought finales had to be written by the lead writer… I don’t know.

    • CJ

      January 14th, 2015 - 6:11pm

      This isn’t the finale, its episode 3 &4

  • Doctor Stu

    January 14th, 2015 - 3:52pm

    It would be good if the series went back to how it used to be with 3 2-parters

    • yognot

      January 14th, 2015 - 7:56pm

      Or maybe 2 3-parters 😀


    January 14th, 2015 - 3:13pm

    If the 2 parter happens to be the series 9 finale, the please Rassilon let it be the return of Gallifrey and the Time Lords finally out of the Time Lock and the Parallel Pocket Universe 🙂

    It should feature Davros. Destined to destroy the Time Lord’s and Gallifrey as revenge on them for sending the 4th Doctor back in time to prevent him from creating them in ‘Genesis of the Daleks’, with the Doctor stopping Davros from destroying his homeworld and people while bringing Gallifrey and the Time Lord’s back at the same time 🙂


      January 14th, 2015 - 3:16pm

      And also, explain why the 12th Doctor was with his other selves in ‘Day of the Doctor’, cos there was really no need for him to help save Gallifrey when he knows his other selves, lead by the 11th Doctor, saved Gallifrey already, so it seems to me the 12th Doctor must have been involved for a different reason.

      The first 11 save Gallifrey in the Parallel Pocket Universe, while at the same time, the 12th Doctor brings Gallifrey out of it and restores Gallifrey to out universe during series 9 or maybe the 2015 Christmas Special.

      Well see 🙂

    • 100,000BC

      January 14th, 2015 - 4:27pm

      The 12th Doctor was involved because, I am presuming, he was the Doctor to finish working out the calculations (hence the furious scribbling on a blackboard), or alternatively, because they needed another TARDIS-worth of power to perform the freezing of Gallifrey.

      My thoughts are that maybe once he has finished the calculations, he will be able to work out from that the location of Gallifrey.

      Remember, it never precisely stated HOW LONG the calculations would take (only “hundreds and hundreds” of years), or whether the Eleventh Doctor had finished working out the calculations himself. What we do know (as was stated) is that at one point in each of their lives, Doctors 1-12 each were called to save Gallifrey, then 1-10 forgot afterwards due to the contradictons in the War Doctor’s timeline. Presumably the TARDIS was working out the calculations whilst on standby, much like the sonic screwdriver was earlier in the story. The 10th, 11th and War Doctors led the mass-TARDIS-gathering, but that does not mean that they themselves had the answer to the calculations (you can imagine the Eleventh Doctor furiously scribbling in his workshop between attacks on Trenzalore).

    • Anonymous

      January 14th, 2015 - 5:01pm

      It’s episodes 3 and 4

  • yognot

    January 14th, 2015 - 2:31pm

    Hopefully this won’t be the 9only 2 parter in the series.

  • Dalek The Supreme

    January 14th, 2015 - 2:04pm

    Hopefully it will be better than our last two-parter (although, to be honest, I hold The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People in higher regard than Dark Water/Death in Heaven, it at least got a friend of mine interested in Doctor Who). Still, it’s not being written by Steven Moffat, so there is hope…

    …I find it depressing that I’m saying something like that about the man who not only wrote my all-time favorite episode in the show, but was in charge for my favorite Doctor…

  • Doyouhearthem?

    January 14th, 2015 - 1:09pm

    Steven Moffat said there would be only be a two-parter if a story merited it. This can only be an interesting and exciting adventure.


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