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June 13th, 2010 48 comments

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Vincent and the Doctor Final Ratings

Vincent and the Doctor Final Ratings

Final viewing figures for Matt Smiths Tenth story, Vincent and the Doctor show that the story achieved a Total Rating of 6.8m viewers (inc Hd).

6.3m Watched on BBC1 whilst a further 0.47m watched on the HD channel.

Source: BARBTotals so far…

The Eleventh Hour 10.08 million

The Beast Below 8.4 million

Victory of the Daleks 8.2 million

The Time of Angels 8.6 million

Flesh and Stone 8.5 million

The Vampires of Venice 7.7 million

Amy’s Choice 7.5m

The Hungry Earth 6.5m

Cold Blood 7.5m

Vincent and the Doctor 6.8m

Source: BARB


  • SandraB

    January 23rd, 2011 - 4:01pm

    My husband and I (both 50+) are enjoying Matt Smith as the Doctor, and we’ve been fans since the mid 1970’s of the Tardis and her pilot! The stories in this current series are quite good, but our one and only turnoff is Karen as Amy. The girl can’t act at all, and my husband and I should know – we’re both actors (he on stage, screen and as an acting instructor)! She poses and mugs, and her character has become so annoying that we seriously debated whether or not to even keep watching the series. Please, Mr. Moffat, please cast someone else as the companion and give us someone who can show emotion beyond the range of A to B. Otherwise, we’re enjoying the series – kudos especially for bringing back the Silurians with their new “look” and a continuing thread of possibilities with them!


    January 13th, 2011 - 9:26pm

    Series 33 (or Series 5 for those who are newish to Doctor Who) for me was one of the best series that I’ve seen in the 37/38 years that I have been a Doctor Who fan… For me it was like a mishmash of the best bits of series 6 and series 7 (my favourite series) with new ideas thrown into the mix…

    I also have to say that Matt Smith plays the part very well, and reminds me of a mix between Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwie with bits of Peter Davidson thrown in…

    Can’t wait for series 34 to start now 😀

  • Mark Surrey

    January 3rd, 2011 - 12:29am

    I think Matt Smith isn’t very good; David tenant was good but too emotional and effeminate. I prefer the older series but thought the first series in 2005 was absolutely brilliant, i wish they’d kept Chris Eccleston, and Rose they were magnificent and the stories were good. However although it was my favourite TV program i have now given up on it, the stories have no depth and most of the time are stupid. They literally start off and then it’s like magic the doctor solves it not by some ingenious solution but by some god like power, well too me that’s just boring. I have to say The Sarah Jane Adventures are more inventive and captivating.

  • The Last Warrior

    July 12th, 2010 - 12:49pm

    can i just say another thing, alot of people seem to say theyd never heard of Matt before, literally every doctor was unknown, DT….. unknown, Tom Baker…. unknown, i rest my case.

  • Reys

    July 12th, 2010 - 7:20am

    I started watching doctor who with David and i too believe that he was a wonderful doctor and he made you believe the story he was tell so to speak Ive watched Matt smith not judging but ready to give him a fair chance and i did i however do not like his acting at all its like he gives no emotion at all. He’s boring and David was loud, energetic over the top and it was fun to watch now i just wanna go to sleep i know 6 major doctor who fans who have watch from the very beginning who now refuses to watch it at all

  • The Last Warrior

    July 1st, 2010 - 12:51am

    will everyone shut up about these overnight figures, they mean nothing. Doctor Who is doing better now than series 1. yeh i agree there have been sum pretty dire episodes in this series, but they all have. series 1 had sum bad eps as did S2, S3, S4 and the specials.
    sumtimes sum of u r reading the Sun to much

  • jaye

    June 30th, 2010 - 6:38pm

    I would watch Doctor Who regardless of who is the doctor, but I’m not a fan of Matt Smith’s Doctor. I’d never heard of him before he became The Doctor, so I didn’t have a preconceived idea about him. !. after 13 episode Smith’s still unconvincing to me when he says ‘I am The Doctor’. 2. He’s WAY too silly. Wackiness or a certain eccentricity is expected, but he ‘s over playing it. 3. He lacks the capacity to convey emotions in a convincing way. When he gave his speech before his collective enemies, I thought, Who the heck would be afraid of him. A Time Lord should be able to manifest anger and yeah be a little arrogant and intimidating. Smith is too much like milk toast. I like a Doctor with a bit more edge, not the absent minded Professor. It’s the 21st century not 1963. 4. The lifesaver colored Daleks was a bad idea. They seem more like toys than deadly aliens. 5. I don’t think the companions need to get any younger; I don’t want to watch a kid’s afternoon special. 6. The writing while imaginative was not cohesive, it seemed like a whole lot of jumbled ideas thrown together sometimes, particularly with regard to the 2 part finale. There were some really good episodes like the Vincent one and the lodger, but Moffat seems to be struggling a bit. If this is Doctor Who’s roots, he needs a touch up.

  • Whovian19

    June 21st, 2010 - 6:32pm

    Average ratings for each series based on the first 10 epiosdes of every series (excluding Xmas specials):

    Series 1 – 8.204
    Series 2 – 7.65
    Series 3 – 7.41
    Series 4 – 7.708
    Series 5 – 7.978

    The average is actually at its highest since 2005.

    And back then we didn’t have the iPlayer!

  • dylan

    June 19th, 2010 - 10:29pm

    I thought part 1 of the series finale was amazing!!! I loved it and i cant wait for the big bang next week!!:D

  • RedBlu

    June 17th, 2010 - 7:56pm

    I think a lot of the negativity is reactionary a LOT has changed.

    But then I think the change is reactionary. The RTD era built up the epic cliffhangers and world altering events to the point of lunacy, the first two season finales were enjoyable tat, but the last two (and especially the End of Time) were just a sign that the show had entirely lost the plot, complete nonsense without a coherent thought to them.

    I’d like to point out the the viewing figures haven’t dropped (just the overnights), if I were to guess the BBC are dialling the show down to a more sustainable level, the kind of level which survived 25 years! Under Davies it burnt its self out in under 3 years, this season (which incidentally despite the improved weather and various sports events has HIGHER viewing figures than last), working on half the budget, has sustained the viewers whilst keeping the show comparably low key. If you’re hoping the show goes the distance then you should be looking on these changes as a positive.

  • Phillip Wright

    June 17th, 2010 - 2:34am

    I had gotten very used to Tennant, and as such I feel a high level of fan loyalty to him and the story arcs associated with him. So my gut reaction is to not be impressed by whomever next fills the doctor’s shoes.

    BUT, I have tried to put aside my bias and judge Matt Smith’s doctor on fair and equal grounds. Each Regeneration since the First Doctor brings a new feel to the series and I am not going to look to this season or the next to further the same nature of the Tennant years.

    Judging Matt Smith and Karen Gilliam fairly I believe they are both excellent actors, and the stories so far this season have been of fair quality. Some better than others, but the quality of storytelling I don’t believe has really changed since the new series began. I thought the Vincent Van Gogh episode was in fact quite an excellent episode with real thought put in to the characters. The true focus of the story was on Van Gogh, not the Alien. The science fiction aspects of this episode were appropriately used to frame real storytelling about real issues that we face in our lives regarding depression, talent, self-esteem, and concepts of loneliness. All very well observed with a classic Dr. Who flavor.

    Even though the number of viewers has gone down I don’t believe this is bad or even unexpected. It’s a new Doctor, a new Companion, a new Tardis. It’s just going to take audiences a while to adjust, and within a year I’m sure there will be a devoted following for Matt Smith just as there was for Tennant, and just as there was for Eccleston before him. The main advantage I think Tennant had in the changeover from season 1 to 2 is that Rose remained as companion, helping to ease Eccleston’s audience into accepting Tennant.

  • Mike D

    June 15th, 2010 - 7:16pm

    Why are so many people quick to kick. Doctor Who remains as it has been for the past five years a show that exists and excites in many layers. Action and adventure, humour and pathos. I challenge anyone not to revisit Vincent and the Doctor and applaud the way the subject of depression is sensitively handled within that story. Some people see the show wrapped in a sci fi blanket and cannot see beyond that to the high standard of writing, production values and acting which exceed many of the more ‘applauded’ costume, police or hospital dramas. Karen Gillan is utterly believable in the role. Matt Smith has already made the role his own but is clearly still finding his feet. Go back and compare David Tennant in The Christmas Invasion to his utterly heart rendering scenes with Bernard Cribbins in the End of Time. Totally magic tv.
    Give the show, the actors and the production your continuing support. I’m sure they will evaluate their first year and come back next year even better. Let’s be proud of such a fabulous BRITISH iconic show, yes give constructive criticsm but also give credit where its due and just enjoy. Blimey average of 7 million people watching early evening tv is something to be proud of!! People forget (crack in THEIR wall maybe!lol) that before its return in 2005 saturday evening tv was dead!!! Doctor Who has brought the family back into the same room for 45 minutes at least.

  • Yopeepee

    June 15th, 2010 - 12:17pm

    Thanks so much Whovian19, it shows that this series is going just fine! I mean, look back at Series 1. The finale had only 6.9 million viewers!

  • Jo Rowbottom (Davros Ironside)

    June 15th, 2010 - 10:13am

    Dr Who has definitely lost the plot somewhere in the Galaxy. I think Matt Smith is weird but cute in a very disturbing way… but he is not a great Doctor. I hope that crack swallows them all up and spits out something a bit more acceptable!

  • Sonic The Screwdriver (Davros Ironside)

    June 15th, 2010 - 10:09am

    We are living in difficult times. Obviously the BBC have had to cut the budget and go back to the 1970’s with Cheap and nasty sets. This week was no exception as we had a door with flashing lights behind it! WOW!!!!
    The actors are also poor and if it is true that Smith has signed a 5 year contract then I am switching off for good. Most annoying weak actress I have seen for a long long time and her squeaky voice is driving me madder than the Vuvuzales at the World Cup.

  • Amy (Davros Ironside)

    June 15th, 2010 - 10:01am

    It isn’t working. The stories are weak, the acting weaker and the casting awful. I think so many people are shocked by the way D W has completely changed. Some things don’t add up… and yes, agree that the new Daleks are rank. It is just a ploy by the BBC and Toy companies to sell merchandise. I wondered where I had seen Matt Smith before also…. was it on one of the 1980’s Tefal Ads? Remember… he can travel in time so it is possible!

  • Davros Ironside

    June 15th, 2010 - 9:54am

    Cannot understand the BBC. As you can see, the viewing figures have fallen constantly since the start of the series.
    There is an old saying, If it isn’t broken, don’t mend it and the Beeb are guilty of breaking this rule.
    Matt Smith is an excellent actor but his character as this doctor is not right. He is a throwback, dare I say it, to Sylvester (o man) McCoy, the worst doctor by a trillion light years. Matt’s Character is too similar. I think if he were to calm down the role, not be too zany then it will work better but it is not serious enough for me and the writers are to blame here for turning it into a comedy. Do you remember when the Beeb got rid of Freema Aggaman as the assistant for weak acting? Well she must be watching her TV laughing her head off… because Amy is not growing on me at all. I find her irritating. Oh… and while we are at it, the Daleks need to go to Weightwatchers. Terrible!
    My son loved Doctor Who, but he is finding all the changes way too much.
    The ratings are falling and the Beeb need to re-install confidence. I know the Doctor can only regenerate a certain number of times but can Matt be paid off and Get the doctor to regenerate back into a more sane character… perhaps do the unthinkable and re-generate back into an old doctor… I would pay good money to see Ecclestone back. He could do with the work!

  • RedBlu

    June 15th, 2010 - 7:50am

    Do these figures count those 1million iplayer views? Or are these independent.
    Has anyone collated the total viewing figures including iplayer?

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