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The Doctor Who Site Dalek Pages

We have just added several new pages to our already extensive Dalek section including pictures of where all those classic Daleks were in Asylum of The Daleks…

8 2 Sep 2012

HTML5 Dalek Colour Scheme Creator

We have updated our popular Dalek Colour Scheme Creator which now includes 3 Dalek designs and extensive colouring options for you to create…

12 29 Feb 2012

Do Something Funny For Money

Do Something Funny For Money – Red Nose Day returns with a fun-packed night of comedy and entertainment to raise money for disadvantaged people…

13 5 Mar 2011

New Site Section – The Cybermen

We have now added an extensive Cybermen section to the site where you can find information on their time-line, weapons and much more….

21 12 Feb 2011

The Doctor Who Site Dalek War

The Doctor Who Site Dalek War: A new game with 10 levels, Navigate through the maze and destroy the enemy Daleks, choose your Dalek Colour and begin…

13 22 Jan 2011

Blood of The Cybermen Walkthrough

Although many of you will have already finished it we have added screenshots and information which will help you complete it should you get stuck…

20 12 Jul 2010

The Doctor Who Site Up-dates

Site up-dates: Screenshots from The lodger have been added to the series 5 gallery and This years story ark page on the crack updated…

13 11 Jun 2010

Dedicated Merchandise Facebook Page

A new dedicated Facebook page to coincide with our major merchandise section update which will go live next week with a new look and new features…

27 16 May 2010

Victory of the Daleks Game

Victory of the Daleks Game: If you want to pass abit of time whilst waiting for Victor of The Daleks then the 5 level flash game is now online…

17 17 Apr 2010

Silence will fall – Series Five Arc

The universe is cracked, the Pandorica will open and silence will fall. Follow all the references in our dedicated page – And a new game coming soon..

25 10 Apr 2010

February News Summary

Each month we will now be adding a summary covering all the main news, including merchandise…

2 1 Mar 2010

My name is – The Master

Check out our new pages on The Master with information and videos on each incarnation…

2 29 Dec 2009

Waters of Mars Game

Help The Doctor with his Sonic screwdriver to de-activate Gadget Gadget and make it to the end…

1 18 Nov 2009

The Mr Smith Quiz returns

The all new Sarah Jane Adventures Mr Smith Quiz returns along with a revamped features section…

2 20 Oct 2009