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July 9th, 2015 160 comments

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Born to save the universe Trailer + Screenshots

































  • Gfnm

    August 5th, 2015 - 4:03pm

    Here is the order and regenerations of the master
    William-0 regen 1st body
    Roger-11th regen 12th body
    Pete/Geoffrey/Anthony/Eric-12th regen 13th body the last two stolen 1st set finishes
    Alex-new set begins 13th regen/resurrection for time war 14th body
    Derek-14th regen 15th body
    John 15th regen 16th body
    Michelle 16th regen 17th body

    • A

      August 7th, 2015 - 8:48pm

      Of course. I forgot the big finish stuff. One day I should listen to those. Forgive my ignorance but how could the 8th Doctor face off against the Master(Alex) yet be surprised at the resurrection of the Master(Derek/John) as the 10th? Is it part of the War Doctor’s amnesia or yet to be explained?

    • Gfnm

      August 9th, 2015 - 11:26pm

      Alex MacQueen is the War Incarnation and he never crossed paths with the War Doctor but War Doc knew he was there in the War they had different battleplans Master was to defend the Cruciform and he also had a destroy Gallifrey button and Doctor had to protect the Gallifrey city Arcadia and he had the Moment Device on polar oppisites on Gallifrey

    • A

      August 20th, 2015 - 4:41pm

      Nope. More confused now. The War Doctor DID know the Master had been resurrected(even if they didn’t meet)? Both 9 & 10 remembered the Time War. Therefore 10 shouldn’t have been quite so surprised in Utopia etc. I thought the only memories lost to the War Doctor as he regenerated were the events AFTER he decided to activate the Moment.

  • Doctor Stu

    July 26th, 2015 - 9:11am

    Ok, can I sort something out about the masters timeline to see if I’ve got it right or not….professor Yana regenerated into the Master and then the master was killed, he was then resurrected by his creepy wife and then dragged back to gallifrey by the time lords where he presumably died in the time war when gallifrey was destroyed BUT the three doctors saved gallifrey and froze it thus moving it somewhere else and freeing the timelock which therefore allowed the master to escape and somewhere along the line he regenerated into Missy is this right?…

    • CJ

      July 26th, 2015 - 2:59pm

      Pretty much sounds right

    • Anonymous

      July 26th, 2015 - 5:01pm

      Thank you :mrgreen:

    • Sebatron

      July 27th, 2015 - 11:16am

      Sorry to get all technical here, but…
      Mrs Saxon actually tried to stop a creepy cult from resurrecting him fully.
      She failed from stop him from coming back, but did make him degenerate, which is why in the End of Time you can sometime see his skull, he can shoot beams of electricity and needs to eat.
      Hope that helped!

    • missy

      August 3rd, 2015 - 1:12pm

      Yeah but tbh Lucy Saxon did resurrect the master against her will so even though she tried to stop them it was her DNA that allowed him to come back.


    July 25th, 2015 - 7:19am

    Doctor Who Magazine 489 [September 2015 issue] states that the classic Dalek featured in the trailer is a 1960’s style version.

    So, sorry to anyone who I’ve said is wrong whenever they’ve said to me it looks like a 60’s Dalek and not, as I’ve been saying, a 70’s version, but to be fair, you can’t see the classic Dalek properly from top to bottom, just the dome, and to me, it really does look like a 1974 ‘Death to the Daleks’ version because it looks to me that it has a silver dome and orange lights just like the ones from the aforementioned story.

    Anyway, let’s not having an argument about who was right and who was wrong, cos I’m fed up arguing with people at times, just accept I was wrong and that I acknowledge that I was wrong and leave it at that.

    Still, at least we get to see a classic Dalek this series . . .. or perhaps, maybe more then just the one πŸ˜€

    • Jammy2305

      July 27th, 2015 - 8:42pm

      The biggest difference between a 60’s type and the 1974 variant is the 1974 variant has a pupil in the eye stalk. The one in the trailer doesn’t. But, credit where it’s due, the 1974 dalek is to all intents and purposes a 60’s dalek with the wrong colour of hemisphere πŸ˜‰ (Blue forever!)


      July 28th, 2015 - 6:51am

      Yeah, I am aware 70’s Daleks have a pupil in the eye stalk along with their 80’s incarnations, but in fairness, we really can’t see the classic Dalek in the background clearly, so it may have a pupil in the eye stalk really, it’s just a bit of a blur to notice it.

      Still, we’ll find out which 60’s Dalek it maybe, since they did change a little in the early days of Doctor Who.

    • doctor what

      August 8th, 2015 - 7:39pm

      Just thought i’d share pointless knowledge:
      Only 1 death dalek had orange lights
      all the chase/masterplan/power/evil daleks had orange lights
      hartnell era daleks had different guns to troughton ones (this design was used for the rest of the classic daleks pretty much)

  • doctor3000

    July 23rd, 2015 - 8:45pm

    I wonder if Steven Moffat asked John Simm to return as The Master?

    • CJ

      July 23rd, 2015 - 9:23pm

      I doubt it, but I do believe the hooded, and horribly disfigured character in image 11 could be a version of John Simm’s Master whose decaying or dying, like the Masters we saw in The Deadly Assassin and The Keeper of Traken. Also, if you notice in image 12, it looks like the planet Karn, as the landscape is very similar to what we saw in The Night of the Doctor. Plus, there’s red cloaked figures around so they are obviously the Sisterhood of Karn. Anyhow, Clare Higgins who previously played Ohila, a member of the Sisterhood of Karn in Night of the Doctor is confirmed to appear in the opener. So we might see the Master escape from Gallifrey to the planet Karn and see him do what the 8th Doctor did, but instead get a new regeneration cycle and watch his regeneration into a woman!

    • A

      July 25th, 2015 - 7:34am

      Are you suggesting Missy is the 27th Master? The decaying Master of old was the 13th, clinging on to life as he sought a means to carry on, eventually possessing Tremas & then the paramedic in the movie. Unless the John Simm Master burnt through a load of regenerations due to his glowing skeleton thing. Or, I suppose, the reason he refused to regenerate might be he could not (as he was already at 13) & that’s why he had the back up plan. I was just under the impression he took one look at the time war after being resurrected & ran, making “Professor Yana” the 1st new Master (or 14th in total) & John Simm the 2nd.

  • A

    July 22nd, 2015 - 10:07pm

    I’m hoping for two questions to be answered at some point.
    Is the ring an acknowledgement (finally) of one (or more) of the Doctor’s marriages? Or is it, perhaps, another way to keep people from becoming attached to him? I’ve been wondering since I spotted it at the end of deep breath.
    Also… What is the nature of the Doctor’s extra regeneration? Is it a single one donated to facilitate the return of Gallifrey, a full cycle of 13 or is it an eternal cycle? The Doctor suggests the latter in to kill the moon. I think immortality is an ability of Rassilon, who I suspect may hold a grudge & might enjoy the thought of eternity to gain vengeance. Finding Gallifrey might complicate things for the Doctor…


      July 23rd, 2015 - 7:11am

      It’s never been said why the 12th Doctor wears a ring. The only Doctor’s to have worn rings before him are 1,2 and 3.

      Case you don’t know already, Peter Capaldi is a married man, and it’s said he refused to take his wedding ring off, so the props department made a ring with a jewel or diamond feature you see on top of it, and that ring is worn next to his wedding ring, but it blends in seamlessly making it look like one ring when in fact Peter is wearing two on the same finger.

      Capaldi’s Doctor is, and I know a lot of fan’s will tell me I’m wrong, yet still a lot of fan’s on Deviant Art actually also believe this to be true, is that his Doctor is the 14th Doctor. Capaldi’s Doctor is the first of a new regeneration cycle, as Matt Smith’s was really the 13th and final incarnation of the original Doctors.


      July 23rd, 2015 - 7:13am

      William Hartnell – The 1st Doctor [1963 to 1966]

      Patrick Troughton – The 2nd Doctor [1966 to 1969]

      Jon Pertwee – The 3rd Doctor [1970 to 1974]

      Tom Baker – the 4th Doctor [ 1974 to 1981]

      Peter Davison – The 5th Doctor [1982 to 1984]

      Colin Baker – The 6th Doctor [ 1984 to 1986]

      Sylvester McCoy – The 7th Doctor [1987 to 1989, plus 1996 in the TV Movie]

      Paul McGann – The 8th Doctor [1996 TV Movie only, shown regenerating in 2013 mini-sode ‘The Night of the Doctor’]

      John Hurt – The 9th Doctor [2013 in mini-sode ‘The Night of the Doctor’, shown starting to regenerate in ‘The Day of the Doctor’]

      Christopher Eccleston – The 10th Doctor [2005]

      David Tennant – The 11th Doctor [2005 to 2008]

      David Tennant – The 12th Doctor [2008 to 2010]

      Matt Smith – The 13th Doctor [2010 to 2013]

      Peter Capaldi – The 14th Doctor [2013 – Present Day]

    • CJ

      July 23rd, 2015 - 4:01pm

      Yeah, Capaldi is the TWELFTH Doctor but he is actually the fourteenth! As Hurt’s Doctor was in fact the ninth, making Eccleston the tenth and Tennant the eleventh, also the twelfth because he regenerated in the Stolen Earth. So that makes Matt Smith, the thirteenth and final Doctor and anyway, in Time of the Doctor, the Doctor did say to Clara he was in fact the thirteenth and final one.


      July 23rd, 2015 - 4:45pm

      Exactly CJ, that’s it exactly πŸ™‚

      1st Doctor – An Unearthly Child / The Tenth Planet
      2nd Doctor – Power of the Daleks / The War Games
      3rd Doctor – Spearhead from Space / Planet of the Spiders
      4th Doctor – Robot / Logopolis
      5th Doctor – Castrovalva / The Caves of Androzarni
      6th Doctor – The Twin Dilemma / The Trial of a Time Lord
      7th Doctor – Time and the Rani / Survival + TV Movie
      8th Doctor – TV Movie / The Night of the Doctor
      9th [War] Doctor – The Night of the Doctor / The Day of the Doctor
      10th [9th] Doctor – Rose / The Parting of the Ways
      11th [10th] Doctor – The Christmas Invasion / The Stolen Earth
      12th [10th] Doctor – Journey’s End / The End of Time
      13th [11th] Doctor – The Eleventh Hour / The Time of the Doctor
      14th [12th] Doctor – Deep Breath.

      The Meta-Crisis Doctor off course is not included as he is an off shoot of the original 10th Doctor [the real 11th Doctor from ‘The Christmas Invasion’ to ‘The Stolen Earth], I know, it’s very confusing, blame Moffat, he made it confusing for all of us πŸ™‚


      July 23rd, 2015 - 4:47pm

      Indeed CJ, nice that you understand compared to those who don’t. Man the amount of arguments I’ve had on Deviant Art about how there can be 14 Doctor, and some fan’s on the aforementioned site do agree with me and tell me to ignore those who don’t understand how there IS 14 Doctors πŸ™‚

    • A

      July 25th, 2015 - 7:02am

      Regardless of the behind the scenes reasons, the ring only appeared after the Doctor flew off, redecorated the Tardis & chose his outfit. It may mean nothing in story terms but has made me curious.
      Yes, I know the 12th is the 14th. Clara asked the crack in the wall for help but who responded & on what terms? Still, if there’s a Gallifrey or Karn story there might be some clues soon.

  • whovian

    July 19th, 2015 - 11:01pm

    I really hope at some point they make a Weeping Angels origin story. We know things about them already, but we dont know how they were created, why the appear to look like women or even their home planet.

    • CJ

      July 20th, 2015 - 8:23am

      I completely agree with you!

    • JellyBaby100

      July 21st, 2015 - 10:55am

      I think they’re better being mysterious.

    • whovian

      July 22nd, 2015 - 12:23am

      Its just one of those things ive wondered since Blink, then forgot about it till Time of the Angels/Flesh and Stone.

      They are one of my favorite monsters, the weirdest part is… I have a flippin phobia of statues! I know, craaaazzzzyyyy lol


    July 16th, 2015 - 5:25pm

    65 DAYS TO GO.

    Plenty of time for re-watching series 8 and ‘Last Christmas’.

    Hell, it’s even enough time for someone new to Doctor Who to watch all 8 previous new series, Christmas Specials and the 2009 / 2010 Specials before series 9 starts if they wanted too, in fact, someone on the website Deviant Art told me last week they got into Doctor Who watching series 1 on Netflix and they love the show already, so I told them to enjoy watching series 2 to 8 before series 9 begins πŸ˜€

  • the theory

    July 16th, 2015 - 1:16am

    My theory for Maisie’s character:

    The Rani – a new regeneration of the Time Lady.

    Romana – same as the Rani.

    Susan Foreman – Granddaughter of the Doctor.

    New character – The Doctor’s Daughter.

    Jenny – The Doctors daughter from the machine (series 4).

    New character – the Doctor’s son (time lords may have citizens who are males but have a female body.

    Harriet Jones – as a young woman and before the Daleks murdered her.

    Lorna Bucket – the woman from a good man goes to war.

    River Song – before she regenerated into the little girl in new york (Mels did say last time she changed she “ended up a toddler in new york).

    New character – The Doctor’s mum, sister, father or brother (male time lords may take a female shape).

    Clara Oswald – another echo thats not been shown yet.

    New character – Rose Tyler and the Human 10th Doctor’ daughter.

    These are just some of my own theories and ideas, but left to Steven Moffat, it will probably be one of those storylines that dont always make sense.

    Also, if you dont like any of my ideas, please dont start trolling me.

    I personally would like to know who Booboo thinks she may be.

    • blink and you still alive

      July 19th, 2015 - 12:35am

      Well left to steven moffat, it could even be a new version of one of the many villains, personally, doctor who needs a new lead showrunner, as steven’s stories rarely make any sense.

    • CJ

      July 19th, 2015 - 3:40pm

      Seriously, people are still complaining about Moffat and wanting a new showrunner? πŸ™„

    • who fan

      July 19th, 2015 - 10:58pm

      Yes CJ, they are, but as everyone knows, people are entitled to their own opinions. I personally have loved some of his episodes (empty child, doctor dances, girl in the fireplace and blink).

  • When The Doctor Was Me

    July 13th, 2015 - 9:08am

    I personally feel people are hoping for more from Maisie’s character. The Doctor seems to know who she is! But not necessarily someone from his past. I think she’s just someone new.
    My theory is that she and The Doctor meet during the episode(The Girl Who Died). She then tragically dies. In the climax of the episodes second part a masked savour comes from nowhere just as the Doctor is about to see death himself. The mystery person soon runs from the battlefield. The Doctor chases them down and demands to know who they are. They remove the mask to show that it is indeed Maisie’s character. Thats why is is stunned because she is meant to be dead! Due to her honourable actions she is deemed The Woman Who Lived.
    She could either be a new character completely or she is a timelady. Who knows but I always felt The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived could well be the same person!

    • CJ

      July 13th, 2015 - 4:48pm

      I have to agree!

    • Masterwho

      July 15th, 2015 - 9:37pm

      It’s a good theory but I’m thinking that there’s something more sinister in her tone. And that theory is really what is going through everyone’s heads and I think Moffat is cleverer than that.

    • 100,000BC

      July 20th, 2015 - 7:46pm

      I too think that she is a new character who first features in “The Girl Who Died”, and the scene is from “The Woman Who Lived”.

      My theory is that “The Woman Who Lived” takes place a considerable amount of time later, and in a different place. The two stories at first seem unconnected but then gradually as “Woman” progresses you realise that they are the same story.

      This fits Moffat’s two-parter related masterplan for the series where “you’re never quite sure if you’re going to make it to the end of the episode”.

  • CJ

    July 12th, 2015 - 7:44pm

    You know image 12 could very well be another appearance of the planet Karn, as the landscape is very similar to what we saw in The Night of the Doctor. Plus, there’s red cloaked figures around so they would obviously be the Sisterhood of Karn. Anyhow, Clare Higgins who previously played Ohila, a member of the Sisterhood of Karn in Night of the Doctor is confirmed to appear in the opener… So it has to Karn!

    • CJ

      July 12th, 2015 - 7:51pm

      Image 11 could be the Master by the way, I’ve read this from somewhere. As it wouldn’t be the first time we saw a hooded, and horribly disfigured version of the character. So we might see the regeneration of the Master changing into a woman!

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