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Next Adventure game – Tardis

The title of the next Adventure Game has been confirmed as TARDIS and it’s released on Friday, 27 August with terrifying new dangers for the Doctor and Amy…

45 20 Aug 2010

Design a Sarah Jane Adventures game

Doctor Who is looking for young designers with fresh ideas to work with their teams and help create a new The Sarah Jane Adventures game for CBBC…

27 17 Aug 2010

Amy’s History Hunt – Now Online

Amy’s History Hunt Now Online – The new series may be over but there is a special adventure available now featuring Karen Gillan as Amy Pond…

34 3 Aug 2010

Blood of The Cybermen Walkthrough

Although many of you will have already finished it we have added screenshots and information which will help you complete it should you get stuck…

20 12 Jul 2010

Victory of the Daleks Game

Victory of the Daleks Game: If you want to pass abit of time whilst waiting for Victor of The Daleks then the 5 level flash game is now online…

17 17 Apr 2010

Waters of Mars Game

Help The Doctor with his Sonic screwdriver to de-activate Gadget Gadget and make it to the end…

1 18 Nov 2009

Help Find the Alien

Use the Sonic lipstick to help Sarah Jane and the gang find the blathereen…

8 2 Oct 2009