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The Impossible Astronaut Preview Clips

The Impossible Astronaut Preview Clips: Doctor Who returns on Saturday, 23 April at 6pm on BBC ONE. Watch a clip of the opening episode now!…

65 13 Apr 2011

Doctor Who – New Series Six Images

The BBC have released several new images from Series 6 of Doctor Who which include Cybermen, Astronauts, The Doctors Wife and The silence…

97 12 Apr 2011

Doctor Who Radio Times Cover

This week’s Radio Times, on sale Tuesday 12th April, has an exclusive preview of the new season Doctor Who including an interview with Matt Smith and Steven Moffat…

11 12 Apr 2011

First Seven Series 6 Episode Titles

This months Doctor Who Magazine, on sale tomorrow, has revealed the first seven episode titles of series 6: The Impossible Astronaut, Day of the Moon…

503 6 Apr 2011

Doctor Who Series 6 Full Press Release

Doctor Who returns to UK screens later this month for a seven-episode run which opens with a spectacular two-parter set in the USA and penned by Steven Moffat…

21 5 Apr 2011

WonderCon Exclusive: Series 6

WonderCon Series 6 Exclusive – This weekend, at San Francisco’s WonderCon, the channel premiered a two-minute Inside Look at the upcoming season…

21 3 Apr 2011

BBC America Trailer 2011 and Screenshots

The Doctor is coming to America, and the stakes have never been higher. Don’t miss the all new season of DOCTOR WHO, starting Saturday April 23…

100 1 Apr 2011

Doctor Who – Full Length 2011 Trailer

The first full-length trailer for the new series of Doctor Who due to start this Easter has been released and shows Dolls, ships and riversong!…

228 30 Mar 2011

SFX Exclusively Reveals Episode Title

SFX Exclusively Reveals Episode Title: SFX is proud to be allowed to reveal the title of Neil Gaiman episode of Doctor Who, the fourth episode …

27 28 Mar 2011