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The New Series Prequel Is Coming…

There’ll be more action very soon as we’re be launching the Prequel to the series’ opening two-parter imminently. It’s an eerie sequence written by Steven Moffat

5 21 Mar 2011

First Two Series 6 Titles Revealed

lizo Mzimba has revealed the first two Series 6 Titles “Just got invite to screening of first two new Dr Who eps Gosh, the year’s gone quickly”…

44 14 Mar 2011

They’re Back – After 35 Years Absence

They’re Back – after 35 Years. Recent filming pictures have included images of the Return of an advanced guard of saboteurs for a well known enemy…

84 9 Mar 2011

Do Something Funny For Money

Do Something Funny For Money – Red Nose Day returns with a fun-packed night of comedy and entertainment to raise money for disadvantaged people…

13 5 Mar 2011

Colin Baker at Cambridge Science Festival

The popular sixth Doctor, Colin Baker will speak at the Cambridge Science Festival this weekend and will feature characters including The Host, a Smiler…

0 3 Mar 2011

Doctor Who Comic Relief Mini Episode

This months Doctor Who Magazine cover confirms that a mini episode will be shown during this years comic relief show, The Doctor, Amy and Rory all star…

22 1 Mar 2011

Nicholas Courtney 1929-2011

Nicholas Courtney 1929-2011: As many of you may have already seen Nicholas Courtney or Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart has died, aged 81.

100 28 Feb 2011

Doctor Who multiplayer online game

For the first time ever, players from around the world will be able to follow in the footsteps of the eccentric Doctor by travelling through time and space…

39 24 Feb 2011

Doctor Who Experience – Review/Pictures

The first thing to say is that we are not going to spoil anything of the “experience” itself here – the less you know the more you will enjoy it…

69 17 Feb 2011

New Site Section – The Cybermen

We have now added an extensive Cybermen section to the site where you can find information on their time-line, weapons and much more….

21 12 Feb 2011