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The Finale – Doctor Who: The Fan Show

A familiar looking Time Lord has come to warn Christel of the future but can she re-write time, does she have the right…? It’s the finale of Doctor Who: The Fan Show!…

5 18 Sep 2015

The Daleks have taken over TfL’s network!

The Daleks have taken over TfL’s network! The Monsters from Doctor Who, renowned for being one of the most feared races in the universe have been spotted at…

7 17 Sep 2015

Doctor Who Series 9 Prologue to Episode 1.

Doctor Who New Series Prologue. Doctor Who Series 9 starts here, with this prologue to episode , The Magician’s Apprentice. Where is the Doctor? When the skies…

34 11 Sep 2015

Doctor Who Series Nine Stunning New Image

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday, 19 September and this stunning new image gives us a sense of the action and adventure that series 9 will deliver…

44 4 Aug 2015