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May 6th, 2017 61 comments

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Series 10 Episode 5 Oxygen 7.15PM Saturday 13th May

Written by Jamie Mathieson and directed by Charles Palmer.

The Doctor, Bill and Nardole answer a distress call in deep space, and find themselves trapped on board space station Chasm Forge. All but four of the crew have been murdered – and the dead are still walking!

In a future where oxygen is sold by the breath, and space suits are valued more highly than their occupants, the TARDIS crew battle for survival against the darkest evil of all…

The Doctor is played by Peter Capaldi, Bill by Pearl Mackie and Nardole by Matt Lucas.



  • Random Critic

    May 14th, 2017 - 1:57am

    This week, capitalism gets it in the neck, because capitalism is bad, mkay!

    It’s laughable how bad capitalism is when a company can spend a ton of money on an operation like this, just to mine copper ore, and not be bankrupt yet.

    Equally as laughable as peeps droning on about human efficiency. If only they had powered suits that could do the work on their own without the need for humans…uhmm, like the one they showed in this episode. Oops! Actually, why isn’t this entire operation automated? Oh, the humans are needed for the plot of this effort.

    The strange oxygen economy isn’t explained much at all and just comes across as convoluted. The Doctor and company get “2000 breaths” each, for free, for some reason. As for measuring distances in “average breaths”, that’s about as meaningless as measuring the distances in Pepe memes.

    The suits are the gifts that just keep on giving. If all the oxygen is only available in a suit, how do the humans sleep, wash, or even go to the flipping toilet? At the beginning, you have one female crew member talking about wanting to have a baby with a male crew member. That’s gonna be interesting, seeing as they’ll definitely have to be wearing space suits for that “exercise”. And what of the baby, when it’s born? I don’t think the suits are one size fits all.

    The ending made about as much sense as their poor (as in makes you poor) version of capitalism, and, to top it off, they didn’t even show HQ.

    Oh, yeah; blue dude there for some social justice comedy. Because that type of humour never gets old.

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