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Sarah Jane Adventures full press release

The BBC have issued a full press pack including a synopsis for each episode on series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures which starts on October 11th …

22 28 Sep 2010

S J Adventures – The Nightmare Man

In the first two-part adventure, Sarah Jane’s adopted son, Luke, faces life-changing events Bannerman Road will never be the same again…

31 27 Sep 2010

Sarah Jane Adventures Teaser Trailer

Trailer and screen shots – CBBC have started to show a new teaser trailer for the up-coming series of the Sarah Jane Adventures due to start shortly…

25 26 Sep 2010

Two new treats for Doctor Who fans

Brit Movie Tours, a unique film and TV locations sightseeing tour company that visits iconic screen locations in London and throughout Britain…

5 25 Sep 2010

Doctor Who Live – Nigel Planer

Doctor Who Live – Pictures and video of Nigel Planer’s appearance on The Michael Ball Show complete with The Tardis a Silurian, Cybermen and Dalek…

7 24 Sep 2010

National Television Awards 2011

National Television Awards 2011 – Doctor Who has been nominated for Best Drama with Matt Smith and Karen Gillen nominated for Best Drama performance…

7 21 Sep 2010

Death of the Doctor short synopsis

The British Film Institute has a short synopsis for the Sarah Jane Adventures story Death of the Doctor starring Katy Manning and Matt Smith…

28 17 Sep 2010

Katy Manning official website

The official Katy Manning website is now on-line with a few interesting snippets about her upcoming appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures…

13 10 Sep 2010

The Sarah Jane Adventures series 4

With the new series just a few weeks away we have taken the opportunity to have slight revamp of our Sarah Jane Adventures section…

18 9 Sep 2010

Katherine Jenkins Radio Times Interview

Katherine Jenkins Radio Times Interview – I’ve not done any acting before, so I wasn’t sure if I even could. But I read for the part and on my 30th birthday…

7 7 Sep 2010

Next series of Doctor Who to be split

The BBC and Steven Moffat have announced today that the transmission of the next series of Doctor Who, in 2011, will be split into two blocks…

131 29 Aug 2010

National Space Centre Dalek Invasion

The National Space Centre is about to be invaded. Strange metal creatures are threatening to “Exterminate!’ visitors in aid of Children in need…

6 27 Aug 2010

“Tardis” Now available to Download

The latest Doctor Who Adventures game “Tardis” is now available to download. A walk-through and screenshots will be added to the site later….

32 27 Aug 2010