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Doctor Who Live – Nigel Planer

Doctor Who Live – Pictures and video of Nigel Planer’s appearance on The Michael Ball Show complete with The Tardis a Silurian, Cybermen and Dalek…

7 24 Sep 2010

National Television Awards 2011

National Television Awards 2011 – Doctor Who has been nominated for Best Drama with Matt Smith and Karen Gillen nominated for Best Drama performance…

7 21 Sep 2010

Next series of Doctor Who to be split

The BBC and Steven Moffat have announced today that the transmission of the next series of Doctor Who, in 2011, will be split into two blocks…

131 29 Aug 2010

“Tardis” Now available to Download

The latest Doctor Who Adventures game “Tardis” is now available to download. A walk-through and screenshots will be added to the site later….

32 27 Aug 2010

First Image from Christmas special

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan’s appearance on the One Show included an image of the Christmas special with Matt Smith outside the Tardis with it Snowing…

32 20 Aug 2010

Next Adventure game – Tardis

The title of the next Adventure Game has been confirmed as TARDIS and it’s released on Friday, 27 August with terrifying new dangers for the Doctor and Amy…

45 20 Aug 2010

Amy’s History Hunt – Now Online

Amy’s History Hunt Now Online – The new series may be over but there is a special adventure available now featuring Karen Gillan as Amy Pond…

34 3 Aug 2010

Blood of The Cybermen Walkthrough

Although many of you will have already finished it we have added screenshots and information which will help you complete it should you get stuck…

20 12 Jul 2010

Doctor Who Series 5 Final ratings

The final total viewing figures for the last 2 episodes of series 5 were not immediately available via the official BARB website but have now been disclosed…

35 10 Jul 2010

The Monsters are Coming – Doctor Who Live

BBC Worldwide has revealed the final 11 monsters that will be taking to the stage and touring the UK as part of the very first production of Doctor Who Live…

50 29 Jun 2010

The World of Doctor Who – To The Future

With series 5 now behind us but with the knowledge of a Christmas special to come, attention turns to other highlights from the The World of Doctor Who….

55 29 Jun 2010

The Big Bang Final Ratings

Final viewing figures for Matt Smiths final story of series 5, The Big Bang show that the story achieved a Rating of 6.7m viewers (inc HD)…

55 27 Jun 2010

Blood of the Cybermen Trailer

Blood of the Cybermen – Trailer + Download now available. The Doctor and Amy materialize in the Arctic where a survey team are turning from flesh to metal…

45 26 Jun 2010

The Pandorica Opens Final Ratings

Final viewing figures for Matt Smiths 12th story, The Pandorica Opens show that the story achieved a Rating of 7.58m viewers (inc Hd)…

15 24 Jun 2010