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December 8th, 2017 94 comments

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Doctor Who Twice Upon a Time Brand New Trailer

Two Doctors, one destiny. The magical final chapter of the Twelfth Doctor’s journey is coming. Don’t miss ‘Twice Upon a Time’ this Christmas at 5.30pm BBC1 Christmas day.



  • whovian

    December 25th, 2017 - 4:58pm

    It’s a bit surreal knowing that in just over an hour (being when Twice Upon A Time finishes), that the Doctor Who fandom will be split forever…. that being those who want the female Doctor and those that don’t. I’m feeling the same way I did when Matt Smith left. Now I don’t want the 12th Doctor to go. But am also optimistic about the the Doctor’s first ever female form. I’m torn.

  • T.A

    December 25th, 2017 - 7:52am

    Merry Christmas

  • The Moffat Paradox

    December 24th, 2017 - 5:01pm

    It’s claimed that Sidney Newman was supposed to have toyed with the idea of a female Doctor but they did not commit and so the long lineage of male Doctors was established. So if they were going to do this they should have done so around the time of the Hartnell/Troughton era before even the 60’s women’s civil rights movement here and in America got underway. But they didn’t and a lineage of male actors was established so that it’s fair to say that the Doctor became automatically synonymous with a male character and if that were not the case then the gender change wouldn’t be so polarising..(Jon Pertwee did say being a Doctor Who fan “tends to be more of a male sport”.)

    I recall that there was a unorchestrated campaign more than a mooted possibility for a female Doctor by a minority during more the hiatus between the classic and modern series with what I considered more laughable suggestions that someone like Jennifer Saunders or Joanna Lumley should get the role.

    But nothing to be taken seriously until Moffatt and his in universe tinkering. and yes I very much liked Michelle Gomez as Missy but those of us who oppose changing the gender of the Doctor HIMSELF were under NO illusion (as with the gender alteration of the general in “Hell Bent”) that this was the thin edge of the wedge for reasons already discussed.

    Creating in universe fluidity for Gallifreyans was one thing. ACTUALLY doing it with the central character was quite another.

  • R1ch1e

    December 23rd, 2017 - 8:39pm

    Absolutely!!! I couldn’t agree more

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