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Doctor Who Series 7 – Filming Continues

Filming Continues and some other interesting images have emerged from filming today which dont give to much away – but if you dont want to know anything dont look!…

35 8 Jun 2012

Doctor Who Filming Continues – New York

As we know filming has now moved to New York. You can see several images of Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill filming a scene in Central Park…

147 11 Apr 2012

Sneaky Set Pictures – Daleks – All of Them!

Sneaky Set Pictures – Daleks – All of Them! From the official site – Not much had been confirmed about the Doctor’s forthcoming adventures but we think it’s safe…

158 30 Mar 2012

Official Filming Photo From Spain

A Filming Photo From Spain has been posted on the Doctor Who Facebook page. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were both seen filming on a presumably wild west episode…

4 22 Feb 2012

They’re Back – After 35 Years Absence

They’re Back – after 35 Years. Recent filming pictures have included images of the Return of an advanced guard of saboteurs for a well known enemy…

84 9 Mar 2011

Doctor Who Cornwall Filming (spoilers)

Doctor Who Cornwall filming: Its no particular secret that Doctor Who filming has been taking place in Charlestown, Cornwall. Big crowds gathered…

17 5 Feb 2011