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Miracle Day Stars at London Comic Con

Between trying to save the world and being hunted by the CIA, you might not think that Alexa Havins and Arlene Tur would have much free time…

5 16 Sep 2011

New Adventure Game: The Explosive Details!

It’s the most ambitious Adventure Game to date and stars Matt Smith as the Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy and for the first time, Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams…

36 21 Jul 2011

The World of Doctor Who – To The Future

With series 5 now behind us but with the knowledge of a Christmas special to come, attention turns to other highlights from the The World of Doctor Who….

55 29 Jun 2010

Dedicated Merchandise Facebook Page

A new dedicated Facebook page to coincide with our major merchandise section update which will go live next week with a new look and new features…

27 16 May 2010

The Eleventh Hour Final Ratings

The official BARB website has revealed that Matt Smiths Debut story, The Eleventh Hour has achieved a huge Final Rating of 10.08m viewers ( including Hd )…

71 12 Apr 2010

News Round-up

June Whitfield, BBC Drama village, flooded Torchwood, Tardis castle and what really happened to Shada…

3 11 Dec 2009

The Mr Smith Quiz returns

The all new Sarah Jane Adventures Mr Smith Quiz returns along with a revamped features section…

2 20 Oct 2009